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Politician-police nexus

At the behest of Rajasthan Congress Chief Minister Gehlot, Deputy Secretary-General and then President of Rajasthan Congress, Sachin Pilot is targeted by Rajasthan SOG: Rajasthan’s top police officer Anil Paliwal is the most confident of the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Anil Paliwal has aso business interest with Gehlot’s associates. This information has been found from a document seen by the IANS. The way the political crisis deepened in Rajasthan, it is alleged that Gehlot used his own party’s provincial president Poilot and the politically motivated and corrupt bureaucrat Paliwal to target Sachin Pilot and the opposition in Rajasthan.
Similarly, at the behest of Maha Vikas Aghadi government, Mumbai Police Chief Parambir Singh is targeting well-known film actress Kangana Ranaut and Arnab Goswamy of Republic TV. It is alleged that the said police officer is also involved to defend the culprits in Palghar mob lynching of two saints.

The police officer helps CM Uddhav Thackeray by his one hand. He used his another hand to dance on the direction of NCP Chief Sharad Pawar and Home Minister Anil Deshmukh a confident of Congress High Command. Parambir Singh is also samdhi of Big BJP leader Meghe.

Doubting the loyalty of SOG in-charge Anil Paliwal, Rajasthan Special Operation Group (SOG) has been seen to be actively targeting political rivals. SOG gave notice to Congress rebel Sachin Pilot. Paliwal was then ADG in charge of SOG. Paliwal is the same officer who has lodged an FIR against Sanjeevani Co-operative Society for implicating Union Minister Gajendra Shekhawat.
Business partnership with Paliwal’s Gehlot family
It is now coming to light that Paliwal and his family have many business partnerships with Gehlot and his associates. Documents accessed by IANS reveal that Paliwal’s wife Sarika Anil Paliwal is a promoter at Triton Hotels & Resorts along with Ratan Kant Sharma, which houses the Fairmount Hotel. According to an insider, Ratankant Sharma is known as Vaibhav Gehlot’s business partner. Vaibhav Gehlot is the son of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.
Paliwal’s wife is also the promoter of Paliwal’s wife Golden Peace Resorts and Mayank Sharma Enterprises. The complexity of the Gehlot family’s business interests is woven in such a way that Mayank Sharma Enterprises shareholders are also shareholders of Triton Hotels and Resorts. According to the ROC documents seen by IANS, the addresses of Sarika Paliwal, Ratan Kant Sharma and other promoters of Triton Hotels and Resorts are also 103 Shantivan, 2A, Raheja Township Malad (E).
The hotel has promoter shareholders along with shareholder Sarika Paliwal, Mayank Sharma and PL Kamlesh of Triton Hotels and Resorts, which was incorporated on 14 March 2007 in Mumbai. Sarika Paliwal holds 3500 shares out of 7500 shares of Triton. Later 3500 shares were transferred to Ratan Kant Sharma and his wife Juhi Sharma, who are now 50 per cent shareholders of Triton Hotels.
Parambir Singh was serving as the head of the Mumbai Anti-Corruption Beuro, when Ajit Pawar was given a chit in a high-profile irrigation fraud, which was described as a blot on his career.
According to reports, Param Bir Singh has a deep connection with many Bollywood celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.
Param Bir Singh also has family ties with powerful BJP leaders like Datta Meghe and Nitin Gadkari.
He is also close to NCP President Shri Sharad Pawar. In 2019, Parambir Singh, who succeeded Sanjay Barve, filed an affidavit in the irrigation fraud giving Ajit Pawar a clean chit.
MumbaiPC Parambir Singh’s son Rohan is married to Radhika, daughter of Sagar Meghe, Nagpur. Sagar is the son of Datta Meghe, a former veteran Congressman who is now in BJP. Sagar Meghe is the brother of BJP MLA Sameer Meghe.
Sagar Meghe, who was embroiled in political pressure, reportedly left for Dubai with his family, according to NagpurToday. Sources said that they also feel like settling there.
The rift between the Meghe family and Rajendra Mulak was in the news for quite some time and it was being speculated that Sagar Meghe might leave the country due to increasing political pressure.
The problem started when Sagar Meghe lost the Wardha seat in the Lok Sabha elections. The Meghe family suffered a pitiful defeat for the first time and then the blame game ensued. Meghe alleged that state Finance and Planning Minister Congress leader Rajendra Mulak ensured Sagar’s election crisis.
The Meghe family, long loyal to the Congress, left the party and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
Sources informed that cracks further increased after the news was published that Sameer Megh going to contest from Nagpur West. Mulak wanted to contest the upcoming assembly elections from that Nagpur seat. Mulak had been eyeing on that for the last two years.
To make a comeback after the assembly elections, meanwhile, Sagar reportedly could not build pressure and left for Dubai after July 5 with his wife and daughter. A close source of the family said that Sagar went for a short time. Other sources claim that Sagar is looking to fund his education business in Dubai.. Sagar was not ready to join politics.
However, Sagar Meghe, a Samadhi of Mumbai police officer Parambir, who is known for his close circle of helpful nature, is said to have not had much inclination towards politics since the beginning of his career. However, due to the political crisis of his father, Datta Meghe, he is also a part of his father and younger brother.
Sagar is also known as a hard worker and loyal to his father, and has always been attracted to creative works in politics. The defeat turned their world upside down. Sagar’s decision to contest the Lok Sabha elections was also under pressure from his father.
Interestingly, he wanted his younger brother to contest. When Sagar Meghe failed miserably in the election, all dreams were shattered. Congress leader Rajendra Mulak was being blamed for the defeat, which resulted in a fainting relationship between the two.