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Due to India’s growing stature in the world, why China-Pak got chilli

Sometimes you don’t need any appeasement, any service support to establish your base but your vitality, your patience and most importantly your clear vision is enough to make your destiny. Today India does not need any global recognition for its decisions, but global countries need recognition of India, it is a sign of India’s power in itself.

welcomed India’s alleged peace talks and said that if India takes such a step, it will undoubtedly welcome it. If it does, it would welcome any such initiative. Azerbaijan’s remarks came hours after the two arch rivals reached a ceasefire agreement.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Leyla Abdullayeva said in a video interview with: and with the intention of stability.” Abdullayeva further added that “Azbaijan has good cooperation and good bilateral relations with India in various fields including economic, humanitarian, cultural and tourism. Along with India, we are also cooperating within international forums and organizations such as the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement.

If the Indian side intends to help or makes an offer, then, as I said, Azerbaijan is always ready for such an initiative.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Tuesday that India believes That bilateral disputes should be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue. “We believe that bilateral disputes should be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue. There can be no military solution to any conflict. We encourage both sides to engage in dialogue for a lasting and peaceful solution.”
This undoubtedly reflects the rising global valor and diplomatic might. But this is not the only example for which India proved the iron of its diplomacy. Now no one will be unaware of the violent form that took the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.
But a statement by the President of Mexico proved that what is the real stature of India under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi. The stature of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is increasing in the world. PM Modi has now become not only the Prime Minister of India but also a global leader. Now the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started appearing in the World Peace Ambassador. In fact, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador wants a commission for global peace to be set up and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should also be a part of it. The President of Mexico is planning to present a written resolution in this regard to the United Nations. According to the proposal, he will demand the formation of a commission for a period of five years to bring peace in the world. He has proposed the names of three world leaders for this commission, under whose leadership a demand will be made to form the commission. The list of these leaders includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Christian cleric Pope Francis and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
At a press conference, Mexican President Obrador said the purpose of the commission would be to present a proposal to stop wars around the world. The commission’s goal will be that the proposal it proposes to stop wars around the world is implemented and a peace agreement for at least 5 years. He said that hopefully the media will help us in spreading information about this. Obrador said that it is clear that innocent people are being killed in wars and for this it is necessary for everyone to make efforts to maintain peace. They have remained taxed, they are neither of the house nor of the ghat.
how that? In fact, after the Russo-Ukraine war around the world, the situation has changed, on the one hand, while Western countries have imposed full-fledged sanctions on Russia, on the other hand, other countries have also been forbidden to do business with Russia. Now see their hypocrisy, basically, with whichever country these western countries enter into a trade agreement, they put forward the flag of free trade first and then these so called free trade promoter countries have started free trade and open trade. To promote the market, a whole organization has been formed which is known as Khanjahr.
Now it is known to all that this WTO is just a puppet for these countries and nothing more than this. But it has to be admitted that these countries move their tricks so cleverly that the poor underdeveloped and developing countries fall into their trap, after which they make their domestic policies in such a way that it is their own loss. But these countries, which talk about free trade and open market, have been imposed by India this time.
In the same sequence, in the ongoing Shanghai Cooperation Organization conference in Uzbekistan, when the Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra was asked by the media to Russian oil.

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