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Pakistan’s media surrounded Imran Khan’s government

Islamabad. Pakistan PM Imran Khan and his ministers constantly make false allegations about the condition of Muslims in India, but the condition of minorities in their own country is getting worse day by day. Every day Hindu and Christian girls are kidnapped and converted. Then they are married off to Muslim youth. We are not saying this just like that. The media of Pakistan has published a report about this.

The report of Pakistani newspaper ‘The Nation’ says that more than 70 percent of the victims of forced conversion there are minors. According to the newspaper, there were 15 such cases in the year 2020. Whereas, last year the number of such cases increased to 60. According to the report of the newspaper, 1000 girls are abducted and changed their religion every year in Pakistan. At the same time, the report of another newspaper ‘Islam Khabar’ says that since its birth in 1947, cases of forced conversion have increased in Pakistan. According to the report of The Nation newspaper, minority Hindu and Christian girls are married after forcibly converting them.

And neither the government tries to save them from this nor is such an effort from anyone else’s side. According to the newspaper, two Hindu girls aged 13 and 19 and a Christian girl were kidnapped in the past. All three were forcibly converted and married. There is no law in Pakistan that can curb such forced conversions and everyday crimes against religious minorities. The newspaper report says that in recent years, incidents of abduction, rape and abduction of religious minorities in Pakistan have been increasing.

Let us inform that on Monday itself, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan had falsely accused of persecution of minorities in India. He had cursed PM Narendra Modi’s government a lot in this matter. Whereas, newspapers named The Nation and Islam Khabar are seen opening the poles of their country and government. In all incidents, cases of destruction of Hindu temples and setting them on fire were also reported last year. In none of these cases, the government or the Pakistani police did anything. Because of this, now only 2% Hindus and Christians are left in Pakistan. These are the people who, because of poverty, cannot leave Pakistan and settle in any other country.

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