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‘Hema Malini is old’: Congress minister says roads should be like Katrina Kaif’s cheeks

Jaipur. Such leaders and ministers are rarely found, who do not make strange statements or respect women. The general opinion is that politicians have mastered the strange rhetoric and disrespect of women. Two MLAs and two ministers of Rajasthan have done the work of carrying forward this tradition. After listening to his wonderful statements, you will be compelled to think that how we make people the creators of our destiny by voting them. First let’s talk about MLA Dayaram Parmar. Parmar wrote a letter to CM Ashok Gehlot after the reshuffle in the Rajasthan cabinet and wanted to know what is the special qualification to become a minister.

He said that if the special ability is known, then he can also try to become a minister in future. Now let us tell you the condition of strange statements of three ministers of Gehlot government. Rajendra Gudha is the Minister of State for Rural Development in the Gehlot government. 10th pass. His statement is, “Told the chief engineer – roads like Hema Malini’s cheeks should be built in my village.” Know Gudha’s statement further. Said that Hema has become old. Asked the public which actress is she nowadays. People called Katrina. On this the minister said that a road like Katrina’s cheeks should be made. Let us inform that Gudha has earlier said in a case that the sisters and daughters of the accused will be taken away from their house.

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