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Satyapal Malik reminded the assassination of Indira Gandhi and General Vaidya on the withdrawal of agricultural law, people said – why are you provoking

If Modi does not take back the agricultural laws, then his condition will be like Indira’s, video of Satyapal Malik goes viral New Delhi, Correspondent. In the viral video, he is saying that if he had not taken back the agriculture law, his condition would have been similar to that of Indira Gandhi. This video is from 8th November 2021. Filmmaker Ashok Pandit was seen furious on this video of Satyapal Malik. He has also complained about this on Twitter, tagging the Ministry of Home Affairs, PM Modi. He also wrote, “He should resign for his irresponsible statement.” People have reacted fiercely to the viral videos in social media, and have said that the work of provocation is being done by making such statements.

Satyapal Malik said that after Operation Bluestar, Indira Gandhi also knew about his future fate. When Indira destroyed the Akal Takht, she performed the ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Yagya’ at her farmhouse. Arun Nehru was my good friend, he told me about it. He had told Indira Gandhi that if you did not believe in it, then why did all this happen? On this, Indira had told Arun Nehru that you do not know whose Akal Takht has been broken, they do not forget even 600 years. I believe they will kill me. Malik further says that Indira Gandhi sensed the danger that he would kill her and the same thing happened. Satyapal Malik continued his point and said, “General Vaidya was killed by the Sikhs in Pune, General Dyer was killed in London. I also told him not to test his patience.”

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