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What did Satya Pal Malik say while holding the post of Governor?

Satya Pal Malik, who originally had socialist views and contested from Aligarh on a Samajwadi Party ticket in the year 1996, joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in the year 2004. However, he joined the Congress in the year 1984 and was a Rajya Sabha MP from the party for three years and then joined the Janata Dal in 1988. After that he joined BJP in the year 2004.

This means that Satya Pal Malik came to BJP after the visit of every party and after coming to BJP he became here, and now he is the Governor of Meghalaya.

Recently, Satyapal Malik is in a lot of discussion. There is even a hashtag going on today calling for him to be relieved. #SackSatyapalMalik. And the common people are expressing a lot of anger. But why is this happening? Satya Pal Malik is in such a position, which people consider only as a representative of the c

In fact, he has claimed to have met Prime Minister Modi in a threatening tone in a video, saying that “When I went to meet him, I told him that you are in a misunderstanding. Neither of these Sikhs can be defeated, their Guru’s four children perished in his presence, but they did not surrender. Even these Jats cannot be driven away. If you think that they will go away like this, send them with something. I told them that do not do two things at all, one is not to use force on them and secondly do not send them empty handed, because they do not even forget. Not forgotten for 300 years. When Mrs. Gandhi broke the Akal Takht, she had performed the Mahamrityunjaya Yagya at her farm house. And when I asked them that you do not believe in all this, they said that you do not know, these people do not forget for three hundred years. I am sure these people will kill me. Well, Indira Gandhi ji had an idea that these people would kill her. And he killed. He killed General Vaidya in Pune, and killed General Dyer in London. So don’t test their professionalism, and the day before yesterday there were two generals in the meeting, who said that this peasant movement is affecting the army too!”

However, Satyapal Malik has been giving similar statements for many days. But why is he doing this? The speculations that are being made in this subject are that now perhaps this is his last innings as governor and now he is not getting anything further, so he is giving such vulgar statements to give “political martyrdom”, So that the government removes him and he can take advantage of political martyrdom. By the way, there are many discussions in the political corridors about the socialist and BJP leader Satyapal Malik, how he avoided going to jail during the Emergency.

This video of senior journalist and editor of your newspaper Pradeep Singh opens many layers in this subject. He tells that Satyapal Malik from his setting had not only escaped from going to jail during the Emergency, but at the same time he had got his associates arrested as well.

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