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PM Modi: Government working on four fronts to keep India healthy

पीएम मोदी: भारत को स्वस्थ रखने के लिए चार मोर्चों पर काम कर रहे सरकार

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that his government was taking a holistic approach to healthcare in the country and focusing on not only treatment but also welfare. Addressing a webinar on the effective implementation of the provisions of the Union Budget in the health sector, Modi said that the budget allocated for the health sector is now unprecedented and shows the government’s commitment to the sector. The Prime Minister said that it is time to take accessibility, affordability to the next level for healthcare, for which the use of modern technology is being enhanced. To keep India healthy, the government is working together on four fronts – promoting disease prevention and well-being, access to healthcare for all, infrastructure of health services and increasing the quality and quantity of professionals, problems Working on mission mode to overcome. . The world has noted the strength shown by India’s health sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that respect for India’s health had increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. In future, the demand for Indian doctors and paramedical staff is going to increase worldwide, he said. The Prime Minister also said that the country has to be ready for the growing demand for Made in India vaccines. .