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Mamata’s new Bengal becomes the new launch pad of terrorism

There has been a saying in Indian politics that what Bengal thinks today, something similar happens in the country after a time. Bengal has always been considered as the land of intellectuals but now the situation has started to reverse because seeing whatever is happening in Bengal in today’s time, no one would want it to ever happen in the country. The reason for this is the flourishing terrorism in Bengal. This terror is now spreading not only in Bengal but in the entire nation, which can be a threat to the internal security of India. The situation in West Bengal is pathetic.

If anyone is the biggest responsible for this pathetic condition of West Bengal then it is definitely Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and today we are going to explain to you the chronology of this terrorism spreading in Bengal. ISRO has a rocket launch pad in India and it reflects the space related development of the country. Similarly, now the Chief Minister of West Bengal has probably made a new launcher and this is the launchpad of terrorists. Yes, cases of terrorist incidents are coming to the fore from West Bengal and a recent report has stunned everyone.

In fact, terrorists associated with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda in West Bengal were caught from different places in the state and during their interrogation it has come to the fore that the terror launching pad is running indiscriminately in West Bengal. It has come to the fore in the interrogation that a big terrorist network has developed in India through Bengal of Al Qaeda. According to the information, in the last few years, terrorist organizations have been found to be expanding rapidly in West Bengal. After the arrest of four members of Al Qaeda’s subcontinent branch (Al Qaeda-Indian Subcontinent or AQIS) in the state, intelligence agencies have raised their ears.

Intelligence agencies have received information that terrorist organizations are working fast for their expansion. In this case, sources in the Special Task Force and Intelligence Branch of the State Police of West Bengal are telling that at least three centers or modules of the militant organization have been formed in Bengal. One of these is in 24 Parganas, one in Howrah and the third in North Bengal and from all these three places a big terrorist conspiracy is being hatched against the country.
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And out of these four were arrested by STF a few days back but 13 people are still absconding and these 13 can play the dark game of terror anytime.
Terrorists caught in many states have also revealed that the network of Al Qaeda in the country has not only spread rapidly but they are moving towards setting their targets. According to reports, two were caught in 24 Parganas, one in South 24 Parganas and one in Mumbai. Saddam Hussein Khan, who was arrested in Mumbai. Let us tell you that to avoid arrest, this terrorist hid in Mumbai as a laborer. However, the police officials are yet to reach the remaining 13 people.
Out of the 13 terrorists who are still on the run, at least three people, including Abu Talha, are wanted by the Al Qaeda organization in South Asia, importantly, they are Bangladeshi nationals. They had entered this country by crossing the border. Intelligence department officials suspect that the members of that organization have spread to different parts of the country including West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, several states of South India and this is indicating a bigger threat to the country.
Now the question is, what has happened after all that these terrorists have started flourishing in Bengal, then let us tell you that the main reason behind this whole game is West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Mamata Banerjee and her entire politics is centered around Muslim appeasement. In such a situation, due to the softening of the state government, infiltrators from Bangladesh to Myanmar and Rohingya Muslims have come to India. Now the most important thing is that it can be difficult for anyone to identify who is a terrorist and who has come to India due to simple economic compulsion.
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In such a situation, many terrorists have also been strengthening their terrorist network by taking advantage of Mamata Banerjee’s policies, whose direct connection has come to the fore with Al Qaeda, which was born by Osama bin Laden. Establishing this organization’s connection with India can activate sleeper cells in the country so that these sleeper cells can destabilize India in different ways with the goal of promoting extremists and indulging them in terrorist activities.
Mamta Banerjee, on the other hand, considering Rohingya and fundamentalists as common and needy, can make them terrorist incidents, which can worsen the situation in the country because everyone loves appeasement and this appeasement can become a bone of Mamata’s neck.