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Demand to declare Indian citizen as terrorist in UN rejected

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has been foiling every conspiracy of Pakistan. In this sequence, India got another success when Pakistan presented a proposal to the United Nations (UN) to declare an Indian citizen as an international terrorist. This proposal was rejected by 4 other countries including India. Pakistan had planned to include Govind Patnaik Duggiwalsa in the 1267 Committee of the United Nations Security Council.

The Pakistan government claimed that he was involved in terrorist attacks in the country. Actually Pakistan was trying to declare Indian national Govind Patnaik Duggiwalsa as an international terrorist without facts. Because of this, member countries rejected Pakistan’s proposal. Due to this, Pakistan had to face trouble again in the UN. In rejecting the proposal, Britain, the US, France and Albania sided with India. Among the countries that support India, three countries are permanent members of the UNSC.

At the same time, the fourth country, Albania, is the president of the UNSC this month. In 2020 also one such proposal of Pakistan was rejected by all the members. India’s representative to the United Nations TS. In his tweet, Trimurti said- Pakistan’s attempt to give religious and political color to the 1267 Special Process on Terrorism has been foiled by the United Nations Security Council. We thank all those members who foiled the designs of Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that Odisha-born Gobinda Patnaik Duggiwalasa worked in a consulting company in Kabul.

He was safely evacuated by Indian security forces from Kabul on 17 November 2019 as it was feared that Pakistani agencies might kidnap him. According to Indian security agencies, Pakistan had plans to project Duggiwalasa as a terrorist with the help of China. Duggiwalsa was accused by Pakistan of the terrorist attack on Pakistani politician Siraj Raisani in Mastung, Balochistan on November 18, 2018.

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