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Attempts to revive terrorism in Punjab due to negligence of AAP’s Mann government

Whatever was feared happened in Punjab. Former Chief Minister of the state Amarinder Singh had said that this border state cannot be handed over to any unsafe hands. Because if this happens, it can have fatal consequences in the future. But after the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab, it is the result of the negligence of the government, weak grip on governance and indirect support to Khalistani thinking that the situation in the state has started deteriorating so quickly. Last month, on April 23, a tiffin bomb was found outside the Burail Jail in Chandigarh.

Within which about one and a half kilograms of RDX was filled. On May 5, the Karnal Police of Haryana caught 4 terrorists riding in the Innova car. Those who were carrying 4 kg of RDX. After this, 3 and a half kg of RDX hidden in the ruins in Tarn Taran was recovered. And now attacking the Intelligence Headquarters of Punjab Police has even hatched a conspiracy to blow up the building. Sleeper cells are being promoted in Punjab by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and they are being given incentives other than money. According to central intelligence agencies, gangsters and unemployed youths are being re-connected with the Khalistan wave in Punjab.

According to Punjab DGP VK Bhavra, Tri Nitro Toluene (TNT) may be used as an explosive in the attack on the Intelligence Wing headquarters in Mohali of Punjab Police. Talking to the media, Bhavra said that the headquarters have been attacked with projectiles. There was no one in the room when the attack took place. Its impact has also come on the wall. On the angle of terrorist attack in this case, he said that it is still being investigated. However, it cannot be completely ruled out. Punjab Police has detained a suspect from Ambala. This is suspected to have exploded. Punjab Police is bringing him from Ambala to Mohali.

Big information has come out from the sources of Police Intelligence. There was a conspiracy to blow up the Intelligence Headquarters building through this attack. Missed the target. Instead of going inside the window, the explosive hit the wall. Defense experts are also of the opinion that if the explosives went directly into the room, then there could have been a big loss. Two suspects have been taken into custody by the police in this case. According to sources, this task was given by foreign handlers only. The building also houses the offices of the Organized Crime Control Unit (OCCU) of the Punjab Police and the Anti-Gangster Task Force (AGTF). In such a situation, gangsters are also likely to be behind this. According to the Punjab Police, Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) has been used in this attack. Any tank, armored vehicle, helicopter or aircraft can be detonated with a rocket propelled grenade. Its range is 700 meters. A rocket-propelled grenade is fired on the shoulder. It is a missile weapon that launches rockets equipped with explosive warheads. Most RPGs can be carried by one person, meaning it can be operated by a single person. It was recently used during the Taliban war in Afghanistan.

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