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Rahul Gandhi and all the farmer leaders are misleading the country on ‘fake deaths’ in the farmers’ movement.

The National Crime Records Bureau data bears witness that the highest number of unnatural deaths of farmers in the country is in the state where the Congress-backed government is running. According to the NCRB, Maharashtra once again topped the list with 4,006 farmer suicides in the year 2020. Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is lamenting the farmers who were allegedly killed during the farmers movement, the death of any human is definitely unfortunate for the family, society,

Now come to the farmers movement. The central government has repealed all three agricultural laws. On this demand, this peasant movement was started. The natural justice is that the movement should have ended immediately after the repeal of the laws, but only to keep alive the issue of selfish politics demanding compensation to the families of the farmers who were allegedly killed in the agitation. are engaged. Just imagine, during such a long peasant movement, a bullet was ever fired….No. Sometimes the police used sticks… no.

Congress, opposition, farmers’ organization, everyone’s intention should be to tarnish the image of the central government, yes, it is fake, but the claim is being made about the death of the same number of farmers. First of all, let us make it clear that the number of deaths of 700 farmers is being used by the opposition, farmer organizations, propaganda and left-leaning media organizations with the intention of tarnishing the image of the central government. Congress is propagating this as a political weapon not only for farmers’ protests, but even after the repeal of agricultural laws.

Why didn’t Rahul question the deaths before the law was repealed? After this claim, the natural question comes to mind that if in fact so many farmers were dying day by day, then why did former Congress President Rahul Gandhi keep playing the flute in the first place? Why did he not raise questions on the deaths before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the repeal of the laws? Why did he and the farmers’ organizations not demand immediate compensation from the government? Were they waiting for more farmers to die?

Anyone died anywhere, how ever…. Everyone’s death was written in the name of farmers’ protest, if we investigate, it will be known that only the list of 702 farmers killed during the movement of United Kisan Morcha is disputed. When asked by the Center, this list seems to have been prepared in a hurry just to show off. Because there are many names included in this list who died due to some disease…or some drowned in the canal, some were crushed by tractors, buses in case of hit and run, then some came under the train… but they all died due to farmer demonstration. Name was written.

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