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Dargah’s water, amulet, captivity and conversion: Love Jihad’s trap, how to make a victim

There are two types of girls who are victims of love jihad or grooming jihad. One poor Dalit Hindu or upper caste Hindu girls from low income group and the other Brahmin girls from Maharashtra or girls from upper caste affluent family. This was disclosed by Surat-based social worker Kavita Dubey who has been working on this topic for a long time. She hails from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh and now calls Surat her home. In the Grooming Jihad case, we had earlier told you the story of Pooja, a resident of Sachin’s industrial area of ​​Surat.

An activist told us on the condition of anonymity, “A girl from the Soni community who was a gold medalist in MSc could not pursue further studies because she fell in love with a Muslim boy who was a waiter at a nearby hotel. At that time all she knew was that his name was Sameer. He did not know that the boy was not a Hindu. She fled to Mumbai with him and married there. But after two years he made up his mind to come back. Later, with the help of police, government and social workers, he was brought back.”

The activist said that in many mosques and dargahs located outside the city, clerics play an important role in this work. There is a Dargah in Limbayat near Surat. Where good looking boys are trained how to flirt with girls and how to seduce them. Trainings are also there for other non-social works. Funds are given to show the rich lifestyle of boys. Activists point out that dargahs and madrasas on the outskirts of cities are the center of such activities.

Bharuch has some nursing colleges and hospitals which are run by some trusts to convert tribal women to Islam. Talking to OpIndia, the activist from Bharuch said that there are many tribal women who were trained to become nurses and then they were given jobs whose trustees are Muslims. Most of the doctors here are associated with Ahl-al-Hadith, whose followers are known as ‘traditionalists’ and follow the Quran and authentic Hadith as law.

There is a dargah in Hansot where 95% of the people who visit are Hindus. The activist, who has been working on these issues for 20 years, said, “This is the place of faith for them (Hindus). Hindus have started considering these clerics as their gurus. Whereas when the Hindus visiting these dargahs consider themselves to be Hindus, their faith weakens. That’s why one cannot say that they are victims of forced conversion, the reason for that is actually a weakening of the faith.”

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