June 19, 2021

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Pakistani fighter jets flying with Chinese fighter jets in Tibet, why alarm bells for India?

The Pakistani Air Force is conducting joint exercises with China in Tibet. India’s concerns have increased due to the simultaneous maneuvers of two enemies in the already disputed area. The area of ​​Tibet adjacent to Ladakh has already been the center of controversies. In such a situation, India is keeping a close eye on this exercise of China-Pakistan. Apart from the Chinese Air Force, many fighter aircraft of the Pakistani Air Force are also involved in this exercise. The hyperactivity of the army and air force of two enemy countries in Tibet, adjacent to the Ladakh border, is a matter of trouble for India

. This is the reason why the Indian Army and Air Force have immediately increased vigil along the entire border with China. At this time special precautions are being taken in the areas adjoining the border of Ladakh. Radars, fighter aircraft and AWACS are monitoring the border round the clock.

During the bilateral exercises between China and Pakistan, fighter aircraft of both countries are practicing air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-water missile firing and target destruction. The presence of Pakistani fighter jets in Tibet is considered very special. Generally it is seen that no country during the maneuvers with any other country does not fly over the area which is disputed. Many areas of Tibet are disputed between India and China, yet Pakistan is conducting maneuvers in this area. Its fighter planes are flying at a distance from the Indian airspace.

Questions are also being raised on the selection of Tibet for the joint exercise between China and Pakistan. Tibet is considered very important strategically. China has captured this Buddhist-dominated area by deceit. This area is adjacent to the eastern Ladakh of India. For the last one year, this entire region has remained the center of dispute between India and China. This is the reason why Pakistan and China have chosen this area to provoke India. The trick of Pakistan is that by showing its presence in the east of Kashmir, it is trying to strengthen itself and project China as its friend.

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